We have great news - the opening of a unique Health and Rehabilitation Center (ORC) for diabetics in Slovakia is planned soon.

With the support of the Charitable Foundation and all concerned citizens, the Center will provide comprehensive assistance to Ukrainians with diabetes, both children and adults. The main building can accommodate up to 125 people, so there is enough space for everyone.

Collection of donations is already open!

You can help pay for a trip to the Center for a person with diabetes and their companion. The foundation covers most of the costs of patients staying in our Center on its own, and with your support we can collect enough money and provide our citizens with a full course of the health program.

Every donation counts. You can donate 1 day or pay for the entire rehabilitation course at the Center.

1 day = €96 (the entire health program, accommodation and meals, excursions, transfer)

the minimum period of the rehabilitation program =15 days

The problem of diabetes in Ukraine

The prevalence of diabetes throughout the world and in Ukraine is rapidly and steadily increasing. Each day of a person with diabetes is a constant balancing act between sugar, acetone, dangerous risks of coma and threats of heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and limb amputation, etc.

At the same time, there were always interruptions in the supply of high-quality insulin, there were no assistance programs for people with diabetes, there was no provision of insulin pumps and blood glucose monitoring systems, and payments for state social assistance reached an extremely low level. Since the full-scale invasion of Russia, all these problems have increased and multiplied, becoming critical.

To date, there are no accurate data on the number of patients in Ukraine, because statistics have not been kept for five years. Based on how quickly the number of patients is increasing all over the world, it can be noted that the number reaches several million Ukrainians. In addition, the stress factor experienced by our citizens in the last six months is one of the main factors in the occurrence of diabetes.

Mission and goals

The mission of ORC is to teach people with diabetes to live a full life and to explain to them that diabetes is not a sentence, but a way of life. When receiving visitors, the Center pursues the following goals:

  • 1. To teach a person with diabetes to choose the correct dose of insulin in everyday life and during physical activity.
  • 2. Help establish control and balance in the life of a diabetic, which will help reduce the risk of life-threatening side effects of the disease.
  • 3. Psychological rehabilitation: individual therapy, work on group therapy, support of the diabetic community, which will be a psychological support for patients and their relatives.


The treatment facility is located in the foothills of the Tatras in Slovakia, a place with clean mountain air and amazing scenery. In the middle of protected forests, mountain rivers, in a wide valley, there is more than 16,000 m2 of the territory of the Center. Near the suburb of Lyubietov and the administrative center of Banska Bystrytsia. A favorable location in combination with a wide range of wellness procedures will make the rehabilitation of guests as effective as possible.

What is included in health programs

  • individual programs for improving and restoring the body of people with diabetes and helping their families
  • psychological and physiological rehabilitation after the diagnosis of "diabetes"
  • medical support: the unique Curasonix system, insulin, insulin pumps, blood glucose monitoring systems, glucometers and consumables for them, etc.
  • support of an endocrinologist, a pediatrician, a therapist, and a psychologist
  • individual and group therapy with a psychologist and support of the diabetic community
  • teachers and nannies
  • professional massage therapists and physical rehabilitation therapy: massage, exercise therapy and others, according to medical indications
  • consultations of other narrow specialists if necessary
  • training relatives to care for a child patient
  • drawing up a home rehabilitation program after discharge

The center provides a wide range of health, rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort services, including assistance to people suffering from chronic wounds. The Fund "Assistance and Rehabilitation of Diabetes Patients" has signed a corresponding agreement with the German company Curasonix. The unique system of this company was developed for over 10 years by leading German scientists and doctors, successfully passed clinical trials and certification in Europe, America and Asian countries.

On the territory of the Center is also located

  • 16 thousand m2 of own territory in a protected area
  • football field and basketball court
  • several playgrounds
  • gazebos for outdoor group activities and formal events
  • own water source
We strive to help everyone achieve the desired result and maximum comfort during the entire period of stay in our Center.

The ORC project was made possible thanks to people who made a lot of efforts to realize the goals of the Charitable Foundation. In addition, the partners of the organization expressed their readiness to provide assistance throughout the entire operation of the Center.

About the Foundation

You don't have to be rich to help someone, just be kind.

"Charitable Foundation for Diabetes Care and Rehabilitation" is an international non-profit organization that supports people with this diagnosis throughout Ukraine.

The Foundation raises funds and directs them to inform and provide practical assistance to all who need it. We provide vital medicines and devices: insulin, test strips, glucometers, uninterrupted blood sugar monitoring systems, as well as the opportunity to use the unique wound care system of the German company Curasonix.

Eduard Piskunov
Founder of the fund

Founders and partners

Eduard Piskunov

The founder of the fund, a businessman and philanthropist, has been living with the diagnosis of "insulin dependence" for years

Anna Logvin

Co-founder, head of the project to help children and low-income families

Tamara Boyko

Honorary member of the board, representative of a charitable foundation in Slovakia

Victoria Dotsenko

Volunteer, social project coordinator, founder of the "Victoria" charity foundation

Roman Mishchenko

Head of the department for cooperation and interaction with charitable organizations

Peter Yanachkov

Managing director, Pierce Capital Partners

Olga Krasko

A reputable volunteer. Member of the working group on the protection of veterans' rights in the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine from the Consequences of the War.

Ondrej Lunter

Deputy head of the Banská Bystrica region in Slovakia

Michal Bagacka

Deputy and member of the board of the autonomous region of Banska Bystrica

Hnusta Grigorij Samin

Deputy of the city council in the city of Gnushtia, Bansko-bystrytskyi region and deputy mayor of the city

Fundacja Viktoriia

Charitable organization in Bydgoszcz (Poland). Engaged in helping needy Ukrainian refugees and providing humanitarian support to foreign volunteer battalions defending Ukraine.


The public organization is engaged in the creation of charity projects to help citizens affected by the war


The Children and Youth Rehabilitation Center directs its activities to the treatment and organization of leisure time for children with diabetes

Vyrų fondas

The charitable association helps children and young people from orphanages, in particular, organizes training for personality development

Pocket Hero

The non-profit organization creates children's clothing with functional pockets for personal items and the safe carrying of an insulin pump.


Charity Fund

Documents certifying the establishment of the center

A letter of appeal to the head of the Bansko Bystry region about the provision of premises for the RC
Answer letter regarding the search for premises
A letter providing additional information for the organization of the center
A letter providing additional information for the organization of the center

Representatives of the Bankobistry region, namely Mayor Ondrej Lunter, Deputy Michal Bagacka and Deputy Mayor Hnusta Grigorij Samin! And also Tamara Mykolaivna Boyko is our representative and in Slovakia the deputy chairman and honorary member of the board of the foundation.

Details for support

Address and contacts

Phone/Viber: +380 (63) 536-42-54
Legal address: 63 Zvirinetska street, Kyiv, 01001
USREOU: 39909206

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Current accounts:
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