About Fund

About the founder of the Fund

Eduard A. Piskunov, a businessman and philanthropist, knows about life with diabetes all from A to Z. The reason for this is the 12-year experience of diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes of the first type, severe form).

An elder from the Dnipro region, Eduard, became ill after the stress caused by the destruction of his company. At the time of hospitalization, the founder of the Foundation barely got out of bed, lost 33 kg of weight and any hope for a full life. Then he – as maybe you and now – felt compelled.

However, self-control and careful study of the problem helped him change his sentence. Moreover, Edward Alexandrovich has built a successful businessman’s career, received the image of a person with a big heart and is now helping other diabetics from all over the country.

The purpose of the Fund

The Foundation’s main goal is to help children, the elderly and everyone who needs help in the fight against diabetes. We will not only advise and teach people but also help to recover morally, to provide everyone who needs it, with everything necessary to maintain a normal lifestyle: insulin, glucometers and test strips for them, pumps, as well as medicines; provide qualified medical care, provide subscription in sports clubs and swimming pools.

In the near future, the Foundation plans to direct all its forces to the construction of a rehabilitation center for patients with diabetes mellitus, as well as to open kindergartens and schools in which children with diabetes mellitus could be trained under the close supervision of skilled specialists; to buy insulin pumps for children and to constantly provide them with consumables for these pumps.

Our founding documents

The Charitable Fund for the Assistance and Rehabilitation of Patients With Diabetes Mellitus originated and acts as a subject of law. To confirm this, there is a set of documents of the form confirmed by law.