What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a developing disease due to insufficiency or absence of insulin in the body, a hormone responsible for glucose degradation in the blood.


Type 1 diabetes and type 2 in the early stages are symptomatically similar: in both cases, the patient is characterized by high appetite, thirst, excessive urine excretion, chronic fatigue, dry skin, and delayed wound healing.Детальніше


In order to confirm the diagnosis of “diabetes”, the patient must identify hyperglycemia – a pathological condition in which the content of glucose is higher than normal. Usually, this is done by examining blood sugar.Детальніше

Types of diabetes

Medical practice leads to two main types of diabetes: the first and second. At first – the body does not produce insulin at all, and the second – insulin is, but blood cells do not perceive it.Детальніше

World statistics

The number of patients with diabetes increases at a dramatic pace. According to recent reports, the world suffers from this disease 371 million people, which is 7 percent of the world’s population.Детальніше

Fund Assistance

In this extremely difficult time, we are doing everything to help diabetics in Ukraine. We work with volunteers and foundations across Europe and Ukraine. You can also help the Foundation and the people of Ukraine by making a voluntary contribution of any amount.

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