World statistics

The number of patients with diabetes increases at a dramatic pace. According to recent reports, the world suffers from this disease 371 million people, which is 7 percent of the world’s population.

The reason for such disappointing statistics is a sharp change in lifestyle. And as forecasts of the World Health Organization show, if the situation does not change, in 15 years the number of people with this diagnosis will double.

The level of morbidity has already reached the “epidemiological” threshold in the US, where every 5th American suffers from diabetes. The maximum number of ill patients lives in India (50.8 million) and China (43.2 million).
If we talk about the level of consumption of insulin, then in Poland these figures are 125, Russia – 39, Germany – 200, and Sweden – 257. In this case, the treatment of complications associated with diabetes, more money from the state budget, than to fight the disease itself.

Statistics on the incidence of diabetes among the age groups are also impressive. According to diabetics, type 1 diabetes mostly affects women under the age of 30, and type 2 diabetes is over 40 years old who have problems with overweight.

However, the most striking figures are for people who have not passed the survey. According to WHO, more than 50% of the world’s population do not even realize that they may have diabetes.