Charity fund for Diabetes Care and Rehabilitation

Diabetes is not a deadend but a way of life

A person diagnosed with diabetes should continue to live a full life. The Charitable Fund for Diabetes Care and Rehabilitation helps to adapt to the new reality and teaches to overcome the disease every day.

About the Foundation

The Diabetes Charitable Foundation for Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation is an international non-profit organization that supports people with this diagnosis throughout Ukraine.

The fund raises funds and directs them to information and practical assistance to all who need it. We provide vital medicines and devices: insulin, test strips, glucometers, uninterrupted blood sugar control systems, as well as the opportunity to use the unique wound healing system of the German company Curasonix

Eduard Alexandrovich Piskunov
Founder of the fund
Founder of the fund
Eduard Alexandrovich Piskunov

Eduard Alexandrovich Piskunov, a businessman and philanthropist, has been living with a diagnosis of "insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type I, severe form" for twelve years.

Our mission

The Foundation's mission is to help children, the elderly and all those who need support in the fight against diabetes. We protect social rights, improve living conditions and health care, organize events to draw public attention to the problems of diabetics, advise on prevention and treatment, provide vital devices and drugs. Given the Russian aggression, today our Foundation has taken the basis to do everything possible to support the military, which, without sparing life, defends our country on the front line. We make every effort to help Ukraine's armed forces, as well as displaced people from hotspots.

What we do

  • We provide material charitable assistance: glucometers for measuring blood sugar, medicines and devices
  • We inform the public about the problems of diabetics
  • We organize a system of assistance to the population in solving complex and individual problems of medical care for patients with diabetes
  • We conduct our own activities and support city, regional and state programs for the detection and prevention of diabetes
  • We involve local authorities to draw their attention to the problems of people diagnosed with diabetes

Our partners


Helping with glucose sensors vol.1

According to official data, 2.5 million diabetics are registered in Ukraine. 1 million people are insulin dependent, 100,000 of whom are children. the number of people with this disease has increased significantly since the beginning of the war.

Are needed: 750 000 UAH
Already collected 0%
Helping with insulin vol.1

Charitable foundation helps people who suffer from diabetes and need urgent medical care. We understand the importance of public support, and therefore encourage everyone to join the fundraiser and provide patients with the opportunity to live a full life.

Are needed: 300 000 UAH
Already collected 33%
Helping with glucometers and test strips to them vol.1

One of the activities of the charity fund is medical care for the most vulnerable categories of the population. Our team buys the necessary devices and medicines and gives them to diabetics who do not have the opportunity to buy the necessary devices themselves.

Are needed: 500 000 UAH
Already collected 83%
Assistance to military units
Assistance to military units A5617; A0998; A0284; A1277; A1108;

Combat units require a large number of medicines, ammunition and hygiene products! Anyone who cares can join!

Are needed: 720 000 UAH
Already collected 33%
Assistance to the military unit 3002 NSU – 2nd Galician Brigade 3rd Battalion
Assistance to the military unit 3002 NSU – 2nd Galician Brigade 3rd Battalion

Military personnel need equipment and things necessary for safe stay on the front line. Anyone can join!

Are needed: 360 000 UAH
Already collected 3%
Assistance to the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine
Assistance to the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine

Representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine need high-quality digital radios and modern laser pointers. Anyone who cares can help!

Are needed: 375 000 UAH
Already collected 9%

Details for support

Address and contacts

Phone/Viber: +380 (63) 536-42-54
Phone/Telegram: +380 (96) 887-38-74
Legal address: 01001, Kyiv, street Velyka Zvirynetska, 63
Actual address: 79029, Lviv, street Zerova, b. 20, of. 5
USREOU: 39909206

Bank accounts

Current accounts:
UAH: UA123052990000026005050305667
USD: UA113052990000026008050316738
EUR: UA343052990000026006050334046

Foundation news

some alt

A scientist from Kazakhstan has found a unique method for treating diabetes

Scientist at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakhitzhan Alzhanuli has developed a special method of treatment of cicatricial diabetes.


Curasonix. A unique system for solving problems in people with difficulty healing wounds, soon in Ukraine

Recently, the Foundation's founder, Eduard Piskunov, signed an exclusive agreement with the German company Curasonix to supply Ukraine with an innovative system that can solve the problems of people with difficulty healing wounds.

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