About Fund

The charity fund for assistance and rehabilitation of diabetes is an international non-profit organization that supports people who have diabetes from across the country.

Our main activity concentrates on fundraising and investing in knowledge and help people with diabetes. The Fund is trying to provide medicines (insulin, test strips, glucose meters) to all who need help – in particular, children from orphanages and low-income families, the elderly.

Eduard Piskunov is the founder of the Fund, a businessman with more than 12 years of experience in diabetes (insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes, severe form), created an organization to help all people who suffer from the illness like him, to live a full life.

The purpose of the Fund

The main intention of the Fund is to help children, the elderly and everyone who needs help in the fight against diabetes. We will not only advise and teach people but also help to recover morally, provide everyone who needs it, everything required to maintain a healthy lifestyle: insulin, glucometers and test strips for them, pumps, as well as medicines; provide qualified medical care, offer subscriptions to sports clubs and pools.

Soon, our Fund plans to direct all its forces to the construction of a rehabilitation center for patients with diabetes as well as to open kindergartens and schools in which children with such a diagnosis could study under the close supervision of skilled specialists; to buy insulin pumps for children and regularly provide them with consumables for these pumps.

Our mission

The Fund is a place for collective help to people with diabetes. Each of our project and charity campaign is united with one goal – to change the paradigm of views on diabetes as a verdict.

It is essential for us that every person with diabetes in the country has received our support and hope for a healthy life.

We will implement this mission with full dedication. Let’s do it together.

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