Charity fund for Diabetes Care and Rehabilitation
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Helping with glucose sensors

Helping with glucometers and test strips to them

Let's warm Kherson together

Assistance to ZSU

"Charitable Foundation for Diabetes Care and Rehabilitation" is an international non-profit organization that supports people with this diagnosis throughout Ukraine.
Since the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, we have expanded our area of assistance to include the supply of critical humanitarian aid to Ukraine's defenders and civilians. Join us and get involved in our projects. Together to victory!

Current projects

Help Kherson with heating

Warm up Kherson! The project is aimed at raising funds for the purchase of briquettes for heating. The volume is 20 tons.

Assistance to ZSU

A fundraising company for the everyday needs of soldiers of military units 4457 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which protects us from Russian invaders on the front line.

Rehabilitation course for children with diabetes

You can help pay for a trip to the Center for a person with diabetes and their companion. The foundation covers most of the costs of patients staying in our Center on its own, and with your support we can collect enough money and provide our citizens with a full course of the health program.

Helping with glucose sensors

According to official data, 2.5 million diabetics are registered in Ukraine. 1 million people are insulin dependent, 100,000 of whom are children. the number of people with this disease has increased significantly since the beginning of the war. Our ultimate goal is to purchase innovative developments for diabetics.

Helping with glucometers and test strips to them

One of the activities of the charity fund is medical care for the most vulnerable categories of the population. Our team buys the necessary devices and medicines and gives them to diabetics who do not have the opportunity to buy the necessary devices themselves.

Helping with insulin

Charitable foundation helps people who suffer from diabetes and need urgent medical care. We understand the importance of public support, and therefore encourage everyone to join the fundraiser and provide patients with the opportunity to live a full life.


Reviews and reports

Thank you very much Eduard and your team 💛💙
Good evening! We received the parcel. We are very grateful to you Eduard and your team for your invaluable help to people with diabetes and for the fact that now there is no need to constantly pierce my daughter's tiny fingers. Peaceful sky and God bless you!!
Hello! Finally, such a long-awaited parcel was handed over to us for occupation! Bought 2 sensors under the 50/50 program) very satisfied! We thank the fund for such an opportunity in such a difficult time! You are incredible people! I have already received help many times, and for free, and through the help of the fund, and under the 50/50 program! Thank you for being you, you are doing a great job! Let all this good return to you twice! Peaceful sky to all! I want to hug everyone, always pleasant communication, good attitude, and also such valuable help❤️❤️❤️
Good evening. I wanted to thank your foundation, your entire team for such a huge and sincere help. We strongly believe that everything will end soon, victory will be ours.
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The problem of diabetes in Ukraine

The prevalence of diabetes worldwide and in Ukraine is rapidly and steadily increasing. Every day of a person with diabetes is a constant balancing act between the level of sugar, acetone, dangerous risks of coma and threats: heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and amputation, etc.

At the same time, there have always been interruptions in the supply of quality insulin, there were no assistance programs for people with diabetes, there was no provision of insulin pumps and blood glucose monitoring systems, and payments for state social assistance reached extremely low levels. Since the full-scale Russian invasion, all these problems have increased and multiplied, becoming critical.

To date, there is no accurate data on the number of patients in Ukraine, because statistics have not been kept for five years.

Based on how quickly the number of patients is increasing around the world, it can be noted that the figure reaches several million.

In addition, the stress factor that our citizens are experiencing lately is one of the main factors of diabetes.

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