Needs: Charity fund for Diabetes Care and Rehabilitation


Helping with glucose sensors vol.1

According to official data, 2.5 million diabetics are registered in Ukraine. 1 million people are insulin dependent, 100,000 of whom are children. the number of people with this disease has increased significantly since the beginning of the war.

Are needed: 750 000 UAH
Already collected 0%
Helping with insulin vol.1

Charitable foundation helps people who suffer from diabetes and need urgent medical care. We understand the importance of public support, and therefore encourage everyone to join the fundraiser and provide patients with the opportunity to live a full life.

Are needed: 300 000 UAH
Already collected 33%
Helping with glucometers and test strips to them vol.1

One of the activities of the charity fund is medical care for the most vulnerable categories of the population. Our team buys the necessary devices and medicines and gives them to diabetics who do not have the opportunity to buy the necessary devices themselves.

Are needed: 500 000 UAH
Already collected 83%