Helping with insulin vol.1

Helping with insulin vol.1

Are needed:
300 000 UAH
Already collected
33% (100 000UAH)

Charitable foundation helps people who suffer from diabetes and need urgent medical care. We understand the importance of public support, and therefore encourage everyone to join the fundraiser and provide patients with the opportunity to live a full life.

Project objectives:

In the accordance with the official data, there are 2.5 million diabetics in Ukraine, including 1 million people with type I (insulin-dependent). The number of people with this diagnosis began to grow rapidly with the beginning of the war. About 130,000 people with type 1 diabetes and more than 2.3 million with type 2 diabetes need insulin and other vital medical devices. Our team does everything possible to provide many citizens with effective drugs. Not only the quality of therapy, but the average life expectancy of a diabetic depends on the right choice of drugs.

Document with request

An official appeal from the "Charitable Foundation for Assistance and Rehabilitation of Persons with Diabetes"



What  we raise funds for

  • Lantus
  • New rapid
  • Levemir
  • Apidra
  • Toujeo
  • Fiasp
  • Actrapid
  • Tresiba


How to support the project

  • Provide the necessary things from the list (contact: Eduard +380 (96) 887-38-74)
  • Donate any convenient amount of money (details below)


What was done within the project

More than 150 people received drugs by June 20, 2022 in the framework of the project "Insulin Assistance". Together we managed to raise a large sum - over UAH 100,000. Thanks to the support of our partners and all concerned people, the most needy patients - retirees, children and low-income citizens received essential goods

Many Ukrainians now lack the money to cover their basic needs, so the help provided in the form of medicines is extremely important. The charity fund will continue to raise funds and provide up-to-date information on social media pages. We post photo activity reports each time to engage as many people as possible in further supporting diabetics.

All reports of the organization are published on social networks:

We are grateful to everyone who helps! Special thanks to Vaikų ir jaunimo diabeto klubo DIABITĖ, Vyrų fondas, and Mrs. Simona Koncyte.

How to support the project

• Provide the necessary things from the list (contact: Eduard +380 (96) 887-38-74)

• Donate any convenient amount of money (details below)



Address and contacts

Phone/Viber: +380 (63) 536-42-54
Legal address: 63 Zvirinetska street, Kyiv, 01001
Actual address: office 5, 20 Zerova street, Lviv, 79029
USREOU: 39909206

Bank accounts

Current accounts:
UAH: UA123052990000026005050305667
USD: UA113052990000026008050316738
EUR: UA343052990000026006050334046