Helping with glucose sensors vol.1

Helping with glucose sensors vol.1

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According to official data, 2.5 million diabetics are registered in Ukraine. 1 million people are insulin dependent, 100,000 of whom are children. the number of people with this disease has increased significantly since the beginning of the war. Our ultimate goal is to purchase innovative developments for diabetics. Everyone who cares can join the fundraiser and contribute to a good cause.

The project objectives:

The number of people who need modern medical devices to control their diabetes is growing every day. We plan to purchase sensors of the latest models - Libre and Dexcom, which are suitable for both children and adults with type I disease. With these devices, sugar levels can be measured without piercing one's fingers. The use of sensors does not cause pain, and the results are stored in the device's memory. The device also warns of the danger of changing sugar levels in a timely manner, which greatly facilitates the lives of diabetics.

The sensors are installed for 14 days, and all the necessary data can be seen on the phone. This is a great advantage for parents, who will be able to control their children's level of glucose  while they are in school or kindergarten. If necessary, parents can call the teacher or caregiver and warn about fluctuations in the child's sugar level to inject a dose of insulin or, conversely, give something sweet.

Document with request

An official appeal from the "Charitable Foundation for Assistance and Rehabilitation of Persons with Diabetes"



What do we raise funds for?

Systems for uninterrupted glucose measurement:

  • Freestyle Free;
  • Dexcom G4 / G5 Platinum.



How to support the project?

  • Provide the necessary things from the list (contact: Eduard +380 (96) 887-38-74)
  • Donate any convenient amount (details below)



Address and contacts

Phone/Viber: +380 (63) 536-42-54
Legal address: 63 Zvirinetska street, Kyiv, 01001
Actual address: office 5, 20 Zerova street, Lviv, 79029
USREOU: 39909206

Bank accounts

Current accounts:
UAH: UA123052990000026005050305667
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