Assistance to military units A5717; A0998; A0284; A1277; A1108

Assistance to military units A5617; A0998; A0284; A1277; A1108;

Assistance to military units
Are needed:
720 000 UAH
Already collected
5% (40 000UAH)

Project’s mission: 

The campaign to raise funds for the needs of fighters of military units A5717; A0998; A0284; A1277; A1108; of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will allow our defenders to purchase medicines and other personal medicines that will improve their daily life, allow their own strength to provide first aid to their fellows and be protected during combat missions. 

Document with request

Official appeal from the "Charitable Foundation for Assistance and Rehabilitation of Persons with Diabetes".



What do we collect money for? 


  • · Morphine or its analogues 
  • · Promedol or its analogues 
  • · Omnopont or its analogues 
  • · Tramadol or its analogues 
  • · Ketalong or its analogues 
  • · Morphine or its analogues 


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: 

  • · Diclofenac or its analogues 
  • · Dicloberl or its analogues 
  • · Patches with fentanyl or their analogues 
  • · Atropine or its analogues 


Personal hygiene products, long-term storage food, military ammunition, tourist equipment and other things, in particular: 

  • · Daily rations 
  • · Bulletproof vests level 4 
  • · Kevlar helmets 
  • · Military uniform 
  • · Military shoes 
  • · Tactical glasses 
  • · Sleeping bags 
  • · Tactical bags
  • · Binoculars 
  • · Lights 


How to support the project?

  • Provide items from the urgent list. (Contact: Oleksiі +380936389134)
  • Donate any amount you are comfortable with. (You can find the details below)


Address and contacts

Phone/Viber: +380 (63) 536-42-54
Legal address: 63 Zvirinetska street, Kyiv, 01001
Actual address: office 5, 20 Zerova street, Lviv, 79029
USREOU: 39909206

Bank accounts

Current accounts:
UAH: UA123052990000026005050305667
USD: UA113052990000026008050316738
EUR: UA343052990000026006050334046