Curasonix. A system for solving problems in people with difficulty healing wounds

Curasonix. A unique system for solving problems in people with difficulty healing wounds, soon in Ukraine


Recently, the Foundation's founder, Eduard Piskunov, signed an exclusive agreement with the German company Curasonix to supply Ukraine with an innovative system that can solve the problems of people with difficulty healing wounds.

The system has been developed for more than ten years by leading German scientists and doctors, and has successfully passed clinical trials and certification in Europe.
It is used with great success during the year in European countries (Germany, Greece, Italy), as well as in Asia and America. In the last four months, 18 patients with a very severe diagnosis have been treated in Italy. The representative company plans to open as many medical offices as possible throughout Ukraine for effective care, which will eventually lead to amputation and death, as well as the creation of mobile medical teams for people with complications and difficulties. in motion.
Only clean wounds can heal.

Only clean wounds can heal.

Thanks to its three mechanisms of action (macroabrasion, microabrasion and ultrasound), Curasonix cleanses the wound gently and powerfully at the same time. The combination of mechanical abrasion and micro-cleaning with ultrasonic support provides the best possible cleaning, as well as unsurpassed softness and efficiency. Thanks to a special design, micro biofilms can be destroyed and removed with Curasonix. Bacteria lose their protective shield and can be effectively attacked, for example, with an antiseptic solution.
Thanks to the special design there is no need for expensive pipe cleaning operations. After processing, the cleaning head is simply disposed of properly.

Thanks to the patented design, the patient's environment is not polluted when used properly and does not require thorough cleaning after treatment. To avoid cross-contamination from patient to patient, Curasonix invented the concept of software-based disposable cleaning heads.
Many patients never go to a specialized medical facility to heal infected wounds. Curasonix allows to offer innovative treatment to the patient.

For consultations and on the use of the system, please contact the Foundation.

The only official representative of the German company "Curasonix" in Ukraine:

Medbudservice Trade and Industrial LLC

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